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jody vitelli

Wearing masks can help stop the spread of germs. Here are some places to put Tutem masks on and keep germs on the outs. 

  •  At the first sign of getting sick. You are contagious usually before you even know it in most cases. Especially during the first 24 hours of coming down with the flu, doctors and the CDC recommend you stay home and avoid close contact with others, Tutem Masks provide a way to help KEEP IT TO YOURSELF if you can’t entirely isolate yourself.
  • During cold & flu season on planes, trains and public transportation: Anyone infected with a cold or flu virus can infect those in a 6-foot radius of their cough or sneeze! Surgical or personal masks are designed to create a physical barrier to help protect other people from infection.
  • Around newborns and babies: Children under age 2 have a higher risk of developing complications if they get the flu. The flu vaccine is not approved for children under 6 months old. This means, you should take extra precaution if you have flu-like symptoms around babies.
  • If you are visiting your parents, grandparents or will be around elderly: The immune system weakens as you age, adults age 65 and older are more prone to the flu. notes that more than half of all flu-related hospitalizations occur in people 65 and older.
  • During allergy season: Keep your sniffles, sneezes and coughs contained during heavy allergy season and avoid spraying others with your germs or the urge to wipe your nose and cover your mouth with your hands, those around you will thank you later.
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