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The Mask

Patented breathability and efficacy 

• The patented mask design conforms to your face, creating a cool, breathable chamber away from your mouth and nose

• The mask won't cling while you wear it. No risk of the dreaded “breathing into a paper bag” effect.

• Designed to perform to a healthcare specification


Thoughtfully designed

• Individually packaged to carry in bag, purse or pocket. Use bag to cleanly dispose of mask after use. 

• Each mask comes with a triclosan-free Cleanwell™ wipe to clean your hands.

• Ear loops are discrete – no hair dents or pulling 

• Not made with natural rubber latex

• Won’t ruin your lipstick or gloss... mwah!


Dispose after each use or after sneezing

(you probably would have figured that out anyway but... )

Nerd Corner: We care about performance just as much as looks. If you do, too, thanks for not letting our hard work get hidden behind a pretty face. We performed several trials to be certain that our mask performed up to a standard. They did. 


ADVISORY: This mask DOES NOT eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection. This mask is not an N95 respirator and should not be used for toxic or hazardous air contaminants such as chemicals, paint sprays, asbestos, toxic gas, fumes or vapors. Not made with natural rubber latex.