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It’s happened to all of us. Sitting in 15A while the passenger in 15B is expectorating from LAX to LGA. Subways so sardine-like you can’t get to a tissue to cover an achoo. Urgent care with “complimentary” masks 100 high and 99 people deep. Let’s be honest: I am not reaching into that petri dish and neither are you! 

I got SICK of it!

The idea arrived on a gesundheit. Barely recovered from a 2-week battle with bronchitis, I boarded a flight. The woman seated in front of me had more flu-like symptoms than WebMD. Sneezing, wheezing, dripping, coughing…. right into her hand, into the armrest and onto the tray table.

Tell the truth: you’re sick already!

In great indignation (typical for my  New York 'tude) I asked the flight attendant why this person was traveling without a mask. She could infect us all – and specifically  REINFECT me! “Sorry, it’s her right to travel, we don’t have masks to offer.”

Tutem's got you covered.

It was time to contain the contagions. I named Tutem for the Latin word Tutis – “for our safety.” I was determined to develop a fun-looking, fairly priced mask that people could feel good about wearing — so maybe they'd wear it more often. I want to get them into hands and onto faces anywhere germs can spread—which is pretty much everywhere.

We hope Tutem masks start a socially conscious dialogue about staying well and keeping all of us a bit more healthy. It’s a conversational, thoughtful and very necessary accessory.



Jody Vitelli